Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chechnya and Ahmed Kadyrov

As the Chechen resistance battles on against the occupation of Russia and the threat to humanity it imposes every day to innocent civilians all throughout Chechnya, I came across this picture of some Russian officials and Ramzan Kadyrov, the man in the middle of the photograph without a hat. Some of you may know of him. Of Chechen descent, his father Ahmed Kadyrov is known for being a traitor and allying with the Russians in the Chechen-Russian conflict. Ramzan adopted these traits from his father and became even more brutal and more cruel than could be imagined. He's known for his temper and has a quick trigger finger when he doesn't get his way. In one scenario he was seen fighting a man who cut him in a line, so he shot him. Another time someone didn't share his chalk cube in a game of pool, so he shot him. The puppet government put in charge in Chechnya by the Russian government are no more than barbaric brutes given a real country with real people to play with like a doll-house and dolls. As you can imagine he has killed many innocent Chechen civilians under the orders of Putin, the former Prime-minister of Russia, as well as on his own accord. He has received many awards and medals of honour from Putin, and has even been appointed the president of Chechnya, not democratically voted in by the Chechen people of course. The Chechens have their own government secretly underground that continue to fight for the resistance. This real Chechen government, with figures who were elected by the Chechens, is not readily acknowledged by a majority of the rest of the world, and unfortunately Ramzan Kadyrov still has a lot of power in regards to what happens to the Chechen people. My heart and prayers go out to them, may they be protected from the corruption that is the Russian government and military and may the worlds eyes finally be open to the truth. Anyone with a heart and brain could see these people are not terrorists. It is the government of Russia who causes terror beyond belief. If you are one of those people out there who are against the crimes against humanity that Israel causes and are aware of the situations in Palestine and other countries but have not heard of Chechnya, please learn more about Chechnya as it goes through just as much torture and crimes against humanity, and the only way to counter that is to educate yourself and others so it will be stopped.
Some other heartbreaking images I've come across were these plooms of smoke and flashes of streaking light across the night sky in Gaza. Although these photos are of course dating back to the siege in December 2008 they show the entire world that Israel has used WHITE PHOSPHORUS against men women and children in Gaza.

White phosphorus is illegal under international law for the same horrible reasons nerve gas is illegal, which they also used. Many women and children who stayed in the homes during the attack and survived reported seeing smoke come through the doors and windows and in the streets. They thought it was the "regular" tear gas and tried to keep it out as much as possible. But the thing they noticed about this smoke was it was white, and it had a sweet smell to it. They didn't know where the sweet smell was coming from. Later when things had subsided and people gathered something caught their attention. At first it was the children that were seen hopping about, almost as if they were dancing. When they were asked what they were doing they would not respond. Others were seen making these same twitching movements throughout the street and when observed more closely they realized that these people had been exposed to and were suffering the effects of nerve gas. They were experiencing violent convulsions and shaking in agony. Many of them died and others suffered severe and permanent damage to the nervous system. Israel says they used no such thing, but these elements of the sweetness in smell, the colour, and violent shaking all clearly define the effects of nerve gas. On another note, they also deny using white phosphorus when there are photographs and live footage of it being used on civilians. Even if there were no photos or video of this being used, the amount and type of wounds seen rushed into the hospitals in Gaza lead to white phosphorus burns. It baffled the doctors at first. You see, white phosphorus burns. And it is not a regular kind of burn. When white phosphorus makes contact with an object it immediately pulls out the oxygen molecules of the object until it runs out of molecules to react with. Imagine this kind of chemical coming in contact with a person's skin. A natural reaction to sooth a burn victim is to cool the wound with water or ice. In doing so with these victims however, doctors quickly realized that adding water made these victims scream even more in agony, and completely worsened the case of the suffering victim. Adding water means adding more oxygen molecules, and adding more oxygen molecules allows the white phosphorus to burn more, and for a longer period of time, until those molecules get used up. A chemistry teacher told me that one way to perhaps stop the burning is to amputate or freeze with liquid nitrogen, until the limb effected breaks off. This is a nightmare in and of itself. But imagine the men women and children who have burns on their face or eyes or chest or stomach. How to sooth them? There is no answer. There is no soothing and there is no cure. These victims will be burned until the area is unrecognizable, that goes for the face as well. What a complete tragedy that the world stands by watching, with photographs and videotapes while Israel still denies these facts. It is more than heartless. It is more than cruel. It is more than a violation of human rights. It is pretending human rights don't even exist...I can't think of words worse enough to express what Israel gets away with. How can anyone allow this to happen to another human being, let alone do this to another human being. Above you will see some posts about THE GAZA PROJECT I am creating. One sign in particular talks about white phosphorus and a little hand is shown with severe burns...this poor child's wounds are just a fraction of a fraction of the reality of the situation. I chose this image because it is one of the only burn victims I could find that people could possibly stomach enough to look at the sign. It truly breaks my heart and I know it must break yours too. The worlds heart is breaking for Gaza yet we sit with idle hands. The world weeps for Chechnya but we turn the other cheek. We must do something about these crimes. If they go unpunished it's only a matter of time that atrocities like these spread further and further, continually pushing the envelope, until it happens to us. And then where will we be? Please speak out against injustice. Speak out against what is killing our brothers and sisters of this Earth and killing our world. May Allah protect them and us from harm and give us strength to do what is right when the path is clear, Ameen. Jazakallah kheir.

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